Injection Molding Companies in Michigan

plastic injection molding companies in michigan

As one of the premier full-service plastic injection molding companies in Michigan, now in our second decade, we prove every workday that a USA manufacturer can match the world’s best.

The Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection requires a molding machine, a two-section metal mold and raw thermoplastic material. The process plays out with these steps:

  • Clamping – The molding machine clamps both mold halves together with enough force to withstand the high pressure of the molding cycle.
  • Injection – The molding machine injects a precisely metered amount of molten plastic into the mold’s cavity under high pressure. The pressure forces the plastic throughout the mold and ensures high surface quality.
  • Cooling – In contact with mold, the molten plastic begins to cool. Depending on the part’s structure and thermoplastic material, cooling can take from a few seconds to several minutes.
  • Ejection – With cooling complete, the molding machine finishes the cycle by separating the mold halves and removing the part.

Dating to the 1800s, the process is simple to describe but difficult to achieve with consistent excellence.

Plastic Injection Molds

With every customer, MSI Mold aims to build plastic injection molds that produce parts of uncompromising quality for the length of the project.

Mold Design

Achieving this excellence begins with the 3D computer-assisted design process. Customers who order molds with us may take full advantage of our 3D CAD services with no additional charge. Our team can work with simple sketches, fully realized CAD files and everything in between.
A critical decision in this phase is gate location. Gates are the openings where the molten plastic flows into the mold, and their proper placement ensures even filling and consistent quality in production.

Mold Building

As with all plastic injection molding companies in Michigan and around the globe, we use computerized numerical controlled milling machines to mill our tool steel and aluminum alloy molds. Using a finalized 3D CAD file as reference, our process technicians program the CNC lathes and milling machines to transform a metal blank into a production-ready mold.

Our CNC milling machine operates over three axies and can achieve tolerances of less than one-thousandth of an inch.
Our production molds fall into two construction types:

  • Insert molds are an economical single-cavity or multi-cavity solution for our customers. These molds use our custom mold bases and are well suited for small and medium-sized parts. insert molding lead times average five to 15 days.
  • Free-standing molds conform to SPI injection molding machine standards and are the tooling of choice for high cavitation molds and large parts. Though higher in cost than insert molds, free-standing molds can lower per-part expense with multiple cavities. Lead times of three to eight weeks are typical.

While an injection mold consists of two halves, each half may contain dozens of individual components to shape a complex part. To enable the release of parts with undercuts, select mold components must perform a side action for each cycle. Many of our competitors employ a technician to relocate the mold components after each cycle, a method known as “hand loading.”

MSI Mold prefers to build molds with automatic side actions. This approach demands design skill but yields consistent production quality and faster cycle times.

Understanding Injection Molding Costs

Injection molding cost: understanding the costs of the injection molding process will aid you with the selection of a production partner for your project. Plastic injection molding machines cost about $100,000 for small units, ranging into millions for a large machine. In the mold making area our CNC machinery and software are also considerable investments. Similarly, keeping our 3D CAD hardware and software up to date is an ongoing expense.

In addition to the capital equipment costs to manufacture injection molds and production parts. Our workforce is what makes MSI Mold an elite injection plastic molding company. Our designers, engineers, process technicians and customer service team bring decades of experience to their crafts. Retaining this level of talent requires competitive compensation.

Beyond capital investment and salary expenses, a part’s specifications affect its production cost. Factors include:

  • Part Size – Larger components require more plastic material as well as more expensive molds.
  • Part Complexity – Intricate and complex designs require multi-component molds with additional machining time.
  • Plastic Material Choice – Quality plastic can range from $1 to $25 per pound.
  • Cycle Time – Per-part cycle time plays a big role in production cost. Material choice, well-designed molds, and good part designs streamline the molding process and reduce total cycle times.

Our significant investments in talent, machinery and mold materials enable us to offer an unlimited tooling warranty for as long as we run your production parts.

The Advantages of Choosing a US Injection Molding Supplier

When you partner with plastic injection molding companies in Michigan and other manufacturers across the USA, you help preserve American jobs. In turn, this vibrant manufacturing base nurtures healthy communities. With plastic injection molding, USA companies also offer these compelling practical advantages:

  • Improved Cash Flow – USA injection molding companies typically offer net 30-day terms, while sizable cash-in-advance payments are the norm for Asian producers.
  • On-Schedule Delivery – Overseas shipments substantially raise the risk of shipping mishaps and delivery delays.
  • Better Inventory Management – Compared to overseas competitors, USA injection molders are far more willing to accommodate lower order minimums, enabling you to right-size your inventories.

Custom Injection Molding

In addition to mold manufacturing, MSI Mold specializes in producing plastic parts with runs ranging from 100 to 100,000 units per order. As a full-service injection molding company, we also offer post-molding machining, pad printing and assembly. Our in-house post-production services also include special packaging and poly bagging.

Prototype Injection Molding

To meet customer expectations and ensure smooth production runs, building prototype molds is a vital step in prototype injection molding. While 3D printing technology can roughly approximate a part’s final form, a short production run with a prototype mold eliminates all guesswork regarding mold flow, part shrinkage, surface appearance and a wide array of other issues. MSI Mold can produce prototype molds in as little as five days.

When prototype parts pass inspection by you and our engineering team, the final prototype mold serves as a template for the production mold. Working with a USA plastic mold manufacturer eliminates overseas shipping from the approval cycle and is another compelling reason to choose an American mold builder.

Questions To Ask Injection Molding Companies in Michigan

As you work through the choice of a production partner for your project, see how well your candidates can answer these questions:

  • How long have you been in business? We began in 2005 and moved to our Shelby Township facility in 2018.
  • What production steps do you outsource to overseas subcontractors? MSI Mold provides end-to-end mold design, mold making, and production in our Michigan facility.
  • Can we visit the manufacturing site? We invite you to schedule a visit to MSI Mold and see our team in action.
  • How do you predict and resolve quality issues with my parts? We begin with our engineers stepping through your design to head off production headaches. We continue by employing advanced quality planning (AQP) best practices for the life of your project. Our dedication to AQP has given MSI Mold nationwide respect from all our customers across many industries.

Plastic Molding Company

From design, prototyping, production mold building, and production manufacturing, MSI Mold is the one-stop full-service solution for your next plastic injection molding project.