Injection Molding Manufacturers

Injection molding manufacturers

What is Plastic Injection Molding? Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process used to make plastic components that are important throughout numerous Industries. This is a relatively fast process that allows the mass production of important plastic components. Plastic molded components are popular because they can be manufactured at relatively low prices and made with plastics that have specific properties required for their function. Plastic injection molding is commonly used to make toys, car parts, medical equipment, and household goods just to name a few.

Using your computer, driving your car or even cooking dinner wouldn’t be as efficient or economical without injection molding. Our plastic molding company provides one-stop plastic injection molding services for a broad spectrum of applications.

Plastic Injection Molding Basics

Plastic injection molding companies use three primary production components in the manufacturing process: the mold, the injection molding machine and the raw polymer material to be injected. Your mold is constructed of two main pieces, a core side and a cavity side. The pieces clamp together, forming the closed system that receives the melted plastic resin.

A screw mechanism, first developed in the 1940s, injects the melted raw material into the mold, filling every crevice, rib and corner. Once the product is cooled and ejected from the mold, the cycle begins again.

For nearly 75 years, custom injection molding manufacturers have led the industry in delivering quality custom plastic molds and injection molded products swiftly and affordably. The success is owed to five key advantages:

  1. Versatility – Injection molding is compatible with the use of plastic additives, such as glass fibers or color pigmentation, and can accommodate complex part
  2. EfficiencyPlastic injection molding yields low scrap rates, and the excess raw material can usually be reused.
  3. Speed – The production cycle moves quickly and can complete a single part in seconds to
  4. Quality – Modern injection molding processes are consistent from cycle to cycle which deliver reliable repeatable parts.
  5. Affordability – The use of multi-cavity injection molds along with fast cycle times can generate high production volumes at low per-unit prices.

As a USA injection molding supplier, MSI’s exceptional molding experts, and state-of-the-art production facility allow us to pass these benefits on to you.

Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

plastic molded parts manufacturer

There are several key benefits of plastic injection molding. These include:

  • The process is relatively fast and repeatable when performed by a reputable injection molding manufacturer, allowing large quantities of parts to be made in a short amount of time.
  • Plastic injection molding can be used to make small, complex parts or large simple parts.
  • Plastic injection molding produces components that can withstand harsh outdoor environments when needed.
  • There are a lot of choices regarding the exact material and colors you can use.
  • Many injection molded parts can be made from recycled plastic.

Make sure you take advantage of these benefits by partnering with our team at MSI Mold.

Questions To Ask Injection Molding Manufacturers

There are several key questions you need to ask before you decide which injection molding manufacturer you want to use. These include:

  • Do you build customer injection molds in-house or do you outsource the mold making? Plastic molding companies without mold building and maintenance capabilities run the risk of poorly designed molds and part quality issues that can cost you money.
  • Do you do part design consultations and CAD model creation or just production? If you need help designing the parts you require, you should work with a company that understands design for injection molding concepts.
  • What is the process for making changes to the parts after I get my initial samples? Beware of any low cost injection molding manufacturers that will not explain clearly up front what they are doing to protect you from unexpected changes to your mold for dimensional adjustments or appearance issues. Good reputable plastic molding companies will always discuss potential part issues and also provide a plan for resolving them at the start of your project.

If you get these questions answered, you can find the right injection molding company to help you.

Outsourced vs. Domestic Manufacturers

When seeking out an injection molding supplier, it’s important to know plastic mold manufacturers and plastic molded parts manufacturers differ in their capabilities, reliability and terms. Extending your search overseas might sound wise, but you may find American suppliers can offer important advantages:

  • Fewer setbacks from shipping delays
  • Lower freight cost
  • Mutual understanding of American quality standards
  • Faster, more reliable delivery times
  • Domestic financial terms

Working with U.S. manufacturers can also present an opportunity to align with your corporate values by contributing to U.S. jobs, infrastructure and tax revenue.

In-House Mold Manufacturing

We make all of our customer plastic injection molds in-house.. Choosing a plastic molded parts manufacturer that provides in-house mold-making can mean lower costs and single source responsibility for you.

Our mold design and mold manufacturing staff uses the most modern software and CNC machinery available, and our attention to mold quality will ensure reliable part production for the life of your injection molding project.

Choosing an Injection Molding Company

If your business needs injection molding services, do your homework when choosing a manufacturer. Not every injection molding company offers the same capabilities and customer service standards. MSI Mold strives to meet or exceed customer expectations on every project we complete:

  • Exemplary customer service
  • Extensive knowledge of thermoplastic materials
  • Full service in-house mold-design and build services
  • Modern machinery and software technology
  • Advanced quality planning and reliability
  • Reliable production delivery

Injection molding manufacturers all provide a different level of services. MSI is one of few who offer an unlimited tooling warranty, guaranteeing that any necessary mold maintenance is on us for the life of your mold.

Common Molded Plastic Products

From automobile dash panels to tiny electronic components, molded plastic parts are everywhere you look. MSI manufactures molded plastic parts for applications including:

  • Marine and automotive accessories
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Electronic and media components
  • Commercial plumbing and water treatment
  • Industrial tools and machinery

Whatever your unique requirements, MSI can provide injection molding services for part quantities from 100 and 100,000 units per order.

Injection Molding Services

If you are looking for injection molding manufacturers, our plastic injection molding company offers numerous services. These include:

  • Plastic injection molds – the single largest investment you will need to make for your custom molding project.
  • Prototype injection molding – to help you gain valuable insight on your molded parts before making multi-cavity production tooling.
  • Custom injection molding – the production manufacturing process for your custom molded parts
  • Design engineering – producing or revising your part CAD models to be fit for injection molding.
  • Assembly & extras – including post molding machining processes, pad printing, and assembly of multi-part products.

Our primary business value is customer service. When you are successful, we are successful. Choose MSI as your injection molding supplier, and know you can trust us to deliver the best quality injection molded products and mold build services available on time and at competitive prices.