Injection Mold Parts

injection mold parts

Create high quality injection mold parts on an accelerated timeline with our full-service plastic molding company. Whether you are looking for molds for plastic injection, have a project that requires prototype injection molding, or you require insert molding services, we can help.

Our Injection Molding Services

All of our injection mold parts and services are proudly offered in the United States. Here are just a few services we are proud to offer in-house:

  • Part design
  • Injection mold making
  • Production and prototype injection molding
  • Assembly
  • Polybag packaging

Our injection molding services reach production quantities of up to 100,000 units per order. Our lead time for first part samples from your mold build is between five days and five weeks, so contact us to discuss your production deadlines today.

Components of a Plastic Injection Mold

Discuss your injection mold parts with our expert sales engineers and we will help you understand the steps and information required for building your plastic injection mold. There are many precision made components of a plastic injection mold, and here are a few listed along with a description:

  • Sprue bushing: A sprue bushing is used to seat the molding machine injection nozzle against the mold. It also provides the first pathway for distribution of the molten plastic into the mold.
  • Clamp plates: The clamp plates of an injection mold provide a method for die clamps to be used for mounting the mold halves into the injection molding machine.
  • Feed system: After the injection nozzle of the molding machine is seated against the sprue bushing, the liquified plastic flows to separate mold cavities through a series of pathways called runners and gates. This entire system of sprue, runners and gates is referred to as a feed system.
  • Cavities: The inner area of the mold that has been custom machined to the shape of the finished product is called the mold cavity. The molten plastic will be injected into the cavity to form the finished product. Multi-cavity molds have several numbered cavities, and must have a properly balanced feed system to avoid manufacturing defects.
  • Guide pins, bushings and support pillars: Cavity and core mold halves must open and close hundreds or thousands of times during production. Guide pins and bushings are used in the injection mold construction to ensure the mold halves are perfectly aligned when the mold is closed. Also, hundreds of tons of force are subjected to the steel plates that create the mold halves during the plastic injection process. Support pillars are used to support the mold plates and prevent distortion that can damage a mold or create defects on the molded parts.
  • Cooling system: A cooling system is required on all properly made injection molds to maintain a precise mold temperature during the molding process and reduce the time it takes for the molten plastic to cool and harden into the desired final shape. This system uses water or oil as the working fluid and achieves mold surface temperatures through conduction.
  • Ejector system: All plastic injection molds require a method for removing the part from the mold after it cools. A combination of ejector plates and precision ground pins or sleeves make up the ejector system and are built into the core side of the mold. After the part cools and the mold opens the pins or sleeves push the finished parts out of the mold to complete the molding cycle.

Types of Parts Made by Injection Molding

threaded inserts for plastic molding

Plastic molded parts are used in a wide range of industries, so consider the following examples:

  • Electronic housings: Millions of consumer and industrial electronic products are packaged and protected with injection molded housings. Cell phones, computer monitors, calculators, and industrial PLCs are just a few examples.
  • Automotive components: Everywhere you look on the exterior and interior of a car you will find injection molded parts. From your chrome plated grille and side mirror housings to your radio controls, dashboard accessories and lighting accessories, they are all made by injection molding.
  • Medical equipment: Plastic syringes and test tubes are common products created with injection molding. All of the testing equipment that surrounds a medical bed or is strategically located in an operating room is loaded with components and enclosures made by injection molding.
  • Plastic bottle preforms: Lightweight, affordable and safe for drinking, polyethylene terephthalate bottles are popular parts that are finished by blow molding, but they start their life as injection molded

These are just a few examples of industries that can benefit from plastic molded components. Discuss your manufacturing goals with MSI Mold as you look for ways to reduce costs, improve quality and reduce production time.

How to Tell if a Plastic Part is Injection Molded

Injection molding is one of the most popular manufacturing solutions for custom plastic components. If you’re unsure whether you’re working with injection mold parts, look for signs of feed points or marks from ejector pins.

Plastic molding allows for a high level of part complexity. As you design a new product or seek alternative manufacturing solutions for your products, consider a custom injection molding project.

Industries We Serve

Precision injection mold parts are used in a range of industries and settings. Here are just a few key industries we serve with our injection mold making and production facility:

  • Industrial components
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Military defense parts
  • Medical device enclosures
  • Commercial construction components
  • Hydraulic cylinder seals

Whether you need prototype or mass produced components for your business, turn to MSI Mold for all your injection molding needs. We’ll work with you to create a manufacturing solution that fits your quality, lead time and budget requirements.

Advantages of Injection Molding Services

Compare our injection molding capabilities and services with other providers to find out why we’re a leader in our industry. Your plastic injection molds and parts are manufactured with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software and machinery. Let us know if you need an accelerated schedule when you need it. This allows you to rapidly move ahead with your new product launch.

Thanks to our unlimited tool life guarantee, we will maintain your injection mold tooling for the life of your project at no extra cost.

We’ve been successfully serving various industries since 2005. Our experienced team can handle components ranging from marine accessories to laboratory instrumentation.

No Hoopla Customer Service

We offer exceptional customer service, period. Our “No Hoopla” motto means you receive engineering support, fast lead teams and high-quality parts for a hassle free sourcing experience. Save money with MSI Mold by avoiding surprise and unexpected nickel and dime charges.

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