Delivering Quality Custom Parts

MSI was founded in 2005 as an engineering and consulting business serving sales and technical needs of plastic injection molding companies in the greater automotive industry of Detroit, Michigan. Our clients requested help from MSI for things such as sales representation, production process development, plastic part design, and tooling program management.

By customer demand in 2009, our plastic molding company opened a facility equipped with machinery and staff to perform engineering changes to customer plastic injection molds and mold trials. With demand for plastic injection moldingcustom injection moldingprototype injection moldinginsert molding, and more continuing, we also continued to expand our services, improve our talent, and add technology to our facility.

In 2018 we moved into a new climate controlled manufacturing facility, and we have become a high quality, full service USA injection molding company and plastic mold manufacturer with continued growth for our future.

The heart of our company and manufacturing culture is based around these key principles:

  • Providing outstanding team driven customer service
  • Always meeting our customer expectations for quality and delivery
  • Maintaining modern and technologically driven systems
  • Continuously practicing 5s and lean manufacturing for our future
plastic molding company

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At MSI, we love hearing from our clients and potential customers. If you have any questions about any of our services, please reach out today.