Do Plastic Injection Molds Wear Out or Have a Limited Production Life?


Plastic injection molds can wear out due to friction or repeated contact between parts over thousands of cycles. Wear primarily affects gates, slides, ejectors and other moving elements within the mold. When components slide or touch against each other, they eventually show signs of wear.

This is a standard expectation of plastic injection molds that require hundreds of thousands of parts or cycles across a project’s life expectancy. At MSI, we warranty the production life of the custom plastic molds we build for our clients.

If we build your mold and we run your production you will never see another tooling charge, and our in-house mold makers will perform all required maintenance on your mold for the life of your project.

Our focus on reliability and excellence makes us a clear choice for your custom plastic injection molding needs. We invest time and energy into communicating with our customers, ensuring you get the best, high-quality molded plastic parts possible. Contact us today to discuss how MSI can make your next mold build project a success.