Custom Part Design Consultations

The manufacturing team at MSI has decades of experience in plastic part design, tooling, and defect free manufacturing methods. If you’re newly in need of a plastic molding company or tired of all the hoopla that your current plastic molding suppliers are giving you, please contact us for a quote or manufacturing consultation today. Below are some great reasons to choose MSI Mold as your plastic molding supplier.
  • Maintaining consistent wall thicknesses throughout the part design
  • Using nominal wall thicknesses that make sense for the proper function of the part
  • Applying the proper tooling draft angles to part surfaces and parting line shut-offs
  • Avoiding sharp corners on part features that can become rounded
  • Choosing the proper target plastic material for the part
  • Advanced target cost planning

We make your plastic injection molds in-house

Many plastic molding suppliers do not have in-house capabilities for building customer molds. If your project will require custom molded parts it’s important for you to understand the risks to your project’s success when working with injection molding companies that outsource customer mold builds. Without in-house mold making capabilities, your plastic molding supplier will not have total control of your project timeline or initial part quality. In fact, if your plastic parts supplier is outsourcing your injection mold, there is a very good chance it is being made off-shore in China. At MSI Mold we build all of our customer’s injection molds in our USA facility. We have total control of the mold design, the mold build timeline, and the quality of your injection mold. Your injection mold requires a large up front investment and will become one of your significant business assets, so it is important for you to have the opportunity to know who is making it before you send tooling deposit money to your plastic molding company.

We keep Happy Customers

Our approach to being a successful plastic molding supplier is simplistic madness. We make customers happy they do business with us. With a focus on good communication, fast lead times, affordable prices, and no surprises, MSI Mold customers never need to look anywhere else for their custom molded parts. In manufacturing, high customer satisfaction is the result of a well ran business that focuses on:
  • High quality defect free production
  • On-time order delivery
  • A never ending pursuit to get better

Support USA Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding companies in the USA have taken a beating for decades. It is estimated that 1/3 of US manufacturing jobs were lost to off-shore countries in a 10 year span starting in 2001. Many argue different reasons for the decline, but especially hard hit were the skilled trades jobs like injection mold makers and machinists. These highly skilled staff of people are among the smartest and hard-working groups in America. To become a skilled mold maker it takes years of experience and a great deal of mechanical and mathematical aptitude to go along with great problem solving skills. The core of our well-paying middle class jobs should be USA manufacturing. If you need a plastic molding company with in-house mold making capabilities, please contact us here at MSI Mold for a quote to support your fellow American manufacturing workers.

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