Precision CNC Machining

Custom CNC Machining

Our rich experience with complex CNC machining includes production capabilities for many different industries, metal materials, and specialty add-ons for your custom CNC machined parts. With a focus on production runs of 10 to 10,000 parts per order. We have 4 axis turning, high speed 3 axis milling, and high speed 4 axis horizontal milling capabilities:

  • 4 axis turning up to 10" diameters with live milling
  • 15,000 RPM 4 axis horizontal milling up to 31" x 31" x 34"
  • 18,000 RPM 3 axis milling up to 50" x 37" x 30"
  • In-House CMM inspections and quality assurance capabilities

ITAR : ISO 9001 Compliant Manufacturing

Receiving high-quality custom machined parts starts with finding a reliable machining supplier with the proper credentials in the USA. Machined parts supplied by MSI are always consistently produced within customer required specifications and under ITAR and ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing systems. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure we’re familiar with your needs. Source MSI your next machining project for reliable and compliant quality and delivery performance.

Stainless Steel Machined Part

Complex CNC Machining

If your project requires custom parts with difficult to machine materials, 3D contour surfacing, or multiple machining technologies, you should be searching for a CNC machining company that is equipped properly for the project. CNC machining suppliers in the USA that can successfully perform complex machining will need to have both modern machinery and modern software technologies in-house.
In addition, complex CNC machining requires highly experienced machinists and programmers with knowledge of the materials to be machined, fixturing, workholding, specialty tooling, surface finishes, and dimensional GD&T requirements. At MSI we are fully equipped in all areas of machining to take on your most demanding CNC machining requirements.
CMM Machine

In-House CMM Inspections

One of the biggest challenges with CNC machining projects is the cost and lead time requirements of outside CMM inspections. At MSI, we overcome this challenge by providing this service in-house. We have a climate controlled inspection room and can offer you cost effective complex CNC machining without sacrificing CMM quality reporting.

Having your machined parts made in the United States can offer consistent quality and lower overall costs. Modern USA CNC machining companies use high-tech equipment and offer reliable quality assurance methods in manufacturing.

When you source CNC machining suppliers in the USA, you significantly lower transportation expenses and have readily available access to customer service and same day communication.

Cost Planning for Custom Machined Parts

The cost of custom CNC machined parts varies greatly. Simple parts made from easy to machine materials can be manufactured for a few dollars each in low volumes to a lot less in high volume requirements. Complex, multi-operation parts with close tolerances and demanding GD&T will cost significantly more. As explained below, calculating the total cost for custom machined part prices involves assessing many factors, such as:

Selecting A Material For Your Parts

There is a wide variety of material options for CNC machining. It is most helpful for product engineers and designers to focus on the functional utility and working environment of their parts when selecting a material. Talk to your CNC machining supplier about these to help narrow down the right material for your custom part project.

At MSI we are happy to provide a consultation to help customers find the right material choice for their custom machined parts. Choosing a materials that your CNC machining company already has in stock and has experience machining can save you considerably on the overall cost of your parts.

Common Materials For CNC Machining

We use many materials for your custom machined part needs. Many of the materials listed here are always in stock and ready for production. If you need help choosing a material we can help!
lightweight, readily machinable, weldable and coatable grade
well-known for its toughness, frequently used in aerospace and aviation applications
excellent impact resistance, high strength and toughness, can be hardened to ~52 RC
4150 STEEL
applications with good strength, toughness and medium hardness ~ 30 RC are required
excellent machining and polishing characteristics
iron-nickel-cobalt specialty alloy
PC Plastic
Polycarbonate, excellent balance of clarity and toughness
PA66 Plastic
Nylon, good toughness and heat resistance
POM Plastic
Acetal, Polyoxymethylene, high strength and stiffness, enhanced dimensional stability, low coefficient of friction
use in moving parts in which low friction and long wear life are important

How We Manufacture Your Parts

As a reputable CNC machining company, MSI uses a variety of technologies for manufacturing custom machined parts, including but not limited to:

Modern CAD/CAM Softwares

Our CAD and multi-axis CAM softwares allow us to take a simple 2D drawings and create optimized 3D CAD models and machining strategies for your custom machined parts. Our knowledgeable and friendly manufacturing experts put their CAD/CAM expertise to work with high-tech design, programming, and simulation software. We always use the latest modern software technologies available to reduce lead times, unexpected quality problems, and overall costs for our customers.

In-House Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing is a very important capability for CNC machining companies to have. Manufacturers and buyers searching for machining suppliers can benefit greatly on overall cost, lead times, and single source responsibility for overall quality by only working with suppliers that manufacture in-house and in the USA.

At MSI we perform full-service manufacturing inside our facility with little to no outsourcing. We control every step of our customer part builds to prevent loss of time and unexpected quality problems.

Multi-Axis Machinery

At MSI, we have modern multi-axis mill-turn capabilities along with 3 and 4 axis simultaneous milling. We have 4 axis horizontal milling and pallet changers which allows us to machine 24/7 for your production capacity requirements. We are proud to say that in addition to being an environmentally clean and safe workplace, our machinery is the most precise and repeatable that is available in our industry.

We also have in-house CMM quality inspections, surface roughness inspections, precision scales, and all other basic inspection equipment.

ITAR : ISO 9001 Compliant