Plastic Injection Molding

plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding provides a means of producing a large amount of parts in a time effective manner. This process is achieved by injecting a molten material into a specific mold pattern.

When utilizing this method, there are a number of factors to consider in terms of design, material, cost, production time, etc.  Before going into the details of each, let’s first talk about the process of plastic injection molding and some of the services our plastic molding company offers.

Plastic Injection Molding Process

The entire plastic injection molding process  starts with a high-quality mold . Our team of expert injection mold makers will work with you to build strong, accurate plastic injection molds to be used in the production of your part.

There are a few different types of molds for plastic injection. Insert molds, which offer cost effective tooling and quick lead turnaround, possess both a cavity side, as well as a core side insert which fits directly inside of the custom mold base. This particular variation of mold is best for small and medium sized parts that require prompt delivery, as the turnaround time is two to 10 days.

Another variation of plastic injection molds that we offer are free standing molds. Also referred to as stand-alone molds, this type is built for each part, including the mold base, inserts and any other components, to be fully functional on its own.

Although they come at a higher cost and lengthier lead time (one to eight weeks), stand-alone molds provide the following benefits are a great alternative for parts that won’t fit into insert molds. They are also beneficial for multi-cavity molds and help reduce the overall cost of the part.

As a full-service injection molding company, MSI Mold offers a variety of plastic injection molding services. Following is a few additional services that we offer.

Injection Molded Plastic

MSI Mold specializes in production quantities of 1,000 to 100,000 parts and assemblies . And, as with any job that requires customization, no two projects are alike.

Our team of expert designers and engineers collaborate thoroughly with our customers on both manufacturing feasibility and advanced quality planning (AQP) to guarantee high-quality, reliable production throughout every stage of the injection process. We even have the ability to implement custom colors for injection molded plastic at the customer’s request.

injection molded plastic

We’ve worked with a variety of industries and materials on custom plastic injection molding jobs. Here are some of the thermoplastic materials that we most commonly work with:

  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate)
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
  • PA 6 (Nylon Type 6, Aliphatic Polyamide)
  • PA 66 (Nylon Type 66, Aliphatic Polyamide)
  • PC (Polycarbonate)
  • PC/ABS (Polycarbonate + Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • PMMA (Acrylic)
  • POM (Acetal, Polyoxymethylene)
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)
  • TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • PEI (Polyetherimide)

Prototype Injection Molding

Prototype injection molding is a great alternative for complex or dimensionally critical parts and a lower production volume. At MSI Mold, we can help you achieve your overall design goals by reducing design hazards and limiting production costs.

We’re here to help you make the most of your production dollars. Which is why prior to constructing a costly multi-cavity mold, we will instead build a more economical injection mold that can be used in low volume production for testing purposes.

With rapid prototype injection molding, we have the capability to provide you with your injection prototype in as little as five days. Additional benefits include delivering production quality parts from production plastic materials, greater quality than traditional 3D printed parts, and most importantly, a reduction in overall cost.

Much like long-term production projects, plastic prototyping offers a vast plastic material selection in an assortment of colors, insert molding, assembly and pad printing. If you’re looking to get a quick start on your injection molding project, and your production needs are on the smaller side, prototyping is the way to go.

Additional Add-ons

As a full-service injection molding company, we proudly offer additional add-on options as an accompaniment to our traditional services. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Boring or reaming of close tolerance holes
  • Machining of difficult to mold features
  • Assembly of multi-component products
  • Pad printing
  • Plating

Whether it’s for protection purposes or added convenience, MSI Mold can also provide you with special or customized packaging for your custom part. We offer layer packing, cell packing and poly bagging.

Injection Mold Makers

Since our inception in 2005, MSI Mold had proudly offered our clients products that are made exclusively in the USA. Over the last 15 years, we’ve expanded and adapted to fit the growing needs and demands of our customers. During this time period, we’ve created over 1,700 plastic injection molds and shipped nearly 6 million parts and assemblies to customers across the United States.

We’ve worked with companies in many different industries, including agriculture, industrial, marine accessories, medical, oil and gas, sports, transportation and more. Our state-of-the-art mold builds come with an unlimited tooling life warranty for as long as we produce your part.

At MSI Mold, we specialize in a variety of affordable, high-quality injection molding and CNC services. Our CAD design and engineering services help take your product from the initial idea to full on reality. From 2D drawings, our team can create a completely customized 3D model to be used in rapid prototyping or production manufacturing.

Any design advice, revisions or changes come at absolutely zero cost. Additionally, to better serve our customers and their unique needs, we offer extra add-ons, such as assembly, custom packaging secondary machining or pad printing.

Our technicians are extensively trained and educated to tackle any and all projects that might come our way. To ensure your needs are met from the start, we conduct AQP on all projects we undertake. The AQP serves as a guideline for delivering on any and all specifications in order to meet, and ideally, exceed your expectations.

Exceptional Service

MSI Mold’s “No Hoopla” guarantee reinforces the mindset that we are 100% committed to providing exceptional service that’s free of hassles and gimmicks. That means no nickel and dime charges, no compromising on quality, and most importantly, no excuses. We strongly believe in what we do and how we do it. At MSI Mold, we operate based on the following principles:

  • Providing outstanding team driven customer service
  • Always meeting our customer expectations for quality and delivery
  • Maintaining modern and technologically driven systems
  • Continuously practicing 5s and lean manufacturing for our future

To learn more about how we can help you with your plastic injection mold needs, or to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and services, please fill out our request a quote form, or call us at 248-275-1928.


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