Injection Molding Supplier

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There are an endless number of industrial, commercial and household products that require plastic injection molded parts. If your company heavily depends on injection molding suppliers for components, then you already know how they directly impact the quality of your products.

Plastic Injection Molding Basics

The state-of-the-art process that plastic injection molding suppliers use to manufacture high-quality components follows a few basic requirements:

  1. High-quality injection mold designs
  2. Well built plastic injection molds
  3. Advanced quality planning to meet the customer requirements
  4. Reliable and repeatable machinery and equipment
  5. Prime grade plastic materials
  6. Robust processing techniques
    1. Exceptional customer service
    2. In-house injection mold making
    3. Knowledge of thermoplastics and their recommended applications
    4. A focus on advanced quality planning
    5. Modern machinery and equipment
    6. Mold construction
    7. Number of cavities
    8. Product complexity and size of mold
    9. Material choice
    10. Production rate
    11. Is your manufacturing site located in the USA?
    12. Do you build customer injection molds in-house?
    13. Will my parts and mold be manufactured in the USA?
    14. How long have you been in business?
    15. Can I visit your manufacturing site?
    16. How do you predict and resolve quality issues with my parts?