Injection Molded Products

injection molded products

Our plastic molding company has been providing high-quality injection molded components and products since 2005. The design of plastic products, the construction of extremely high-quality plastic injection molds and technical expertise for plastic injection molding are in our company’s DNA.

From helping customers design their custom plastic parts to providing low and high-volume custom injection molding, prototype injection molding, and insert molding services, we have continued to grow our capabilities through the needs of our customers.

What Types of Products are Injection Molded?

Many commonly used products are created by injection molding. They are found in a variety of industries.

Agricultural Components

The agriculture industry is responsible for crops that range from food to pharmaceuticals and many others. Components for agricultural equipment must meet strict performance, reliability and durability standards.

Plastic injection molded products offer a corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, lightweight, low-cost alternative to metals. These components are resilient to demands of farm work like humidity, temperature extremes and UV exposure.

Bottle Caps

Billions of plastic bottles are manufactured each year. Soft drinks, water, liquid soap and shampoos are just a sample of the many types of bottles. Although bottles themselves are manufactured by a blow molding process, the simple and complex caps for all them are injection molded products.

From basic standard bottle caps to unique specialty liquor bottle caps, they all are manufactured with injection molding.

injection molding products


Electronic housings are one of the injection molding products used for many consumer products. Common household electronics like remote controls, televisions, computers, key fobs, medical instruments, and many more products depend on the plastic housings created by injection molding. They protect and insulate the internal components.

A plastic molding company like MSI can create a wide variety of custom shapes and sizes with cutting-edge injection molding technologies for almost any electrical housing application.

plastic molding company


The healthcare industry relies heavily on plastic injection molded products. They are cost-effective and can be produced with reliable quality and consistency in large volumes. Plastic injection molding products for the healthcare industry include biocompatible items like dental implants or prosthetics, single-use syringes and IV connections, as well as sterilizable handles and triggers.

Household Products

Injection molding creates many of the plastic containers and tubs in which consumer products are packaged. Other injection molded components found in many households include drinkware, bottlecaps, barbeque accessories, toilet seats and outdoor furniture.

The plastics used in injection molding are very durable for repetitive use and hold up well to weather and temperature variations for outdoor applications.

Machinery and Automotive Parts

Many of the components on machinery and automobiles are comprised of plastic injection molded products. Parts like dashboards, radio controls, interior door panels, cup holders, car bumpers and truck steps are often injection molded.

Plastics are valued for their durability, resistance to corrosion and UV exposure. Plastic components are also lightweight, which contributes to vehicle fuel efficiency.


Many toys, including the exceptionally popular Lego brand blocks, are made by the injection molding process. Injection molding allows for a variety of sizes and shapes to be manufactured quickly, identically and at a low cost in high volumes.

Some of the advantages of injection molding for creating toys are that they are durable, easy to clean and the endless custom colors that can be used.

Injection Molding Products

In 2018, as one of the leading plastic injection molding companies in the USA we moved into a larger climate-controlled facility and added significantly larger CNC machinery to expand our capacity for injection mold making. Our focus on lean manufacturing and technology truly makes us a stand-out plastic mold manufacturer.

Industries We Serve

Though our company started with clients in the automotive industry, injection molding services are used by many sectors. Some industries and applications we provide products and services to include:

  • Agriculture – Machinery
  • Consumer – Recreational
  • Consumer – Sporting goods
  • Industrial – Commercial plumbing, electronics, hand tools, hydraulics, LED lighting, machinery, seals, water treatment
  • Laboratory – Instrumentation
  • Marine Accessories
  • Material Handling
  • Medical – Instrumentation
  • Oil & Gas – Instrumentation
  • Promotional Products
  • Sports – Media technology
  • Transportation – Automotive aftermarket, electric vehicle, rail

Plastic Molding Company

If you need injection molded products, source MSI Mold as your full service plastic molding company. For help with your injection molding project contact us today.