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plastic mold manufacturer

Injection molding processes create a huge range of plastic parts used in everything from kitchen appliances to automobile components. This common manufacturing technique relies on a simple yet elegant process and versatile, inexpensive materials.

Equipment is also a vital part of the process, so choosing the right plastic mold manufacturer to design your molds for plastic injection is critical.

This basic guide by injection molding manufacturers MSI Mold will help you understand the process of injection molding and how mold design fits into the bigger picture.

Injection Molding Basics

Injection molding is exactly what it sounds like. Plastic substances are heated to super-high temperatures until they’re molten, then injected into a mold created by a plastic mold manufacturer. Over time, the plastic hardens and achieves a solid form.

The plastic usually comes as polymer granules, small pellets that can easily and quickly be melted. Since these thermoplastic polymers are capable of being colored or filled with additives, they’re rather versatile materials. A few different types of plastics are typically used in injection molded products:

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • Polyethylene:
  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene

Injection molding offers several benefits. Thanks to its high repeatability and process design, it’s perfect for high-volume manufacturing. High-volume production also results in a lower cost per part.

How the Injection Molding Process Works

Injection molding manufacturers

Before production can begin, a plastic mold manufacturer must custom design a mold. After the mold is installed into a production machine, it’s prepared by bringing its two halves together and securely clamping them to remain shut. With insert injection molding, a prefabricated insert is placed inside the molded before it’s clamped shut.

Next, superhot liquid plastic is shot into the mold under high pressure. This high pressure ensures that the plastic stays in place to cool. After the plastic has cooled and taken the shape of the mold, it’s ejected for further processing into a finished product.

High-Quality Molds Designed to Your Specs

Material quality and equipment reliability are key to the injection molding process, but a mold’s quality can make or break your final product.

At MSI, we design and build our molds in-house. Our team of designers and machinists work with advanced software and CNC machining to create your mold exactly to your part’s specifications. Our capabilities include economical high-quality insert and free-standing molds.

Why Choose MSI?

MSI Mold offers over 15 years of expertise, crafting and delivering superior quality injection-molded products to a wide range of industries. We’ve developed and produced components for agricultural equipment, oil and gas equipment, consumer recreational and sporting goods, material handling, medical and laboratory instruments, automobiles and a huge range of industrial applications:

  • Commercial plumbing
  • Electronics
  • Hydraulics
  • Hand tools
  • LED lighting
  • Machinery
  • Water treatment

About MSI Mold

MSI Mold’s expertise offers a broad range of expertise in injection molding as both technical consultants and manufacturers. Located about 30 miles north of downtown Detroit, MSI originally started in 2005 serving injection molding manufacturers in the local automotive industry. We worked with these firms on production process development, tooling program management and parts design.

In 2009, we shifted operations to a new facility to implement engineering changes to customers’ molds and mold trials. As we expanded to include more and more services, injection molding was the next logical step.

We’ve been a full-service injection molding company and plastic mold manufacturer since 2005, proudly serving Michigan and the rest of the United States as well as international clients.

Injection Molding Manufacturers

From mold making services to design and engineering, MSI Mold delivers high-quality components with hassle-free sourcing and world-class customer service. Our design and engineering professionals are ready to bring your molds and products to life, so request a quote through our convenient online form or call us at (248) 275-1978.


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